Under the Stars Dreamy Dresser Do-Over

I got to paint this dreamy dresser alongside the ultra-talented Llewellyn Krastev of Worn to Whimsy, an absolute privilege. My customer wanted a night sky theme with a golden glow, she chose this Pinterest image as inspiration but opted to skip the hanging branches.

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Before Dreamy Dresser Brushed by Brandy

This piece wasn’t much to look at, thankfully my customers trust me to pull it through and always choose quality pieces!

Dreamy Dresser Supply List

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We started by cleaning with White Lightning and applying 2 coats of Boss primer. I could tell by how this was cleaning, the age, and the dark color, it would be a bleeder. I applied the Boss in a cross hatching pattern for thorough coverage.

Prep Dreamy Dresser Brushed by Brandy
Boss Stain Blocking Primer Dreamy Dresser Brushed by Brandy

My first coat was a swirling of darker blues around the outside, lightening as they moved in. A pretty finish on its own!

Blending clouds Dreamy Dresser Brushed by Brandy

Next, we added clouds to our night sky, using fluff and working them in while slightly damp. The softness of them is mesmerizing.

Blended clouds Dreamy Dresser Do-Over

Stars were next. My secret to a stary night sky?? A toothbrush!

Thats right, used as a spatter brush, it’s perfect. Filled in with larger spots, galaxies, and fancier 6 point stars using an artist brush. I even hid the big dipper, little dipper, and Polaris on the front, can you find them??

My inspiration pic has the moon hung low, but I wanted it to be more of a feature. Watching for my hardware holes, I moved it up top.

Using a gallon paint lid to get the right radius, I drew it in with a chalk pencil, then filled it with Lemonade and shaded it with Vintage Duck Egg and In The Navy. You would think I hung the moon??

Beautiful Night Sky Dreamy Dresser Makeover Brushed by Brandy

Our finishing touches include black wax detailing in the carvings and silver Gilding Wax on the hardware, then a weathered wood accelerator on the bare wood top and legs.

You can see more about how long it takes me to finish a full furniture makeover HERE.

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After 2 coats of Satin Clear Coat on the body and 4-5 coats on the wood top, I’d call this one complete.

Its headed to its new home in MA soon!

Catch the full dreamy dresser do-over on Youtube!

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Moon and Stars Dreamy Dresser Final Brushed by Brandy
Midnight Dreamy Dresser Do-Over
Moon and Stars Dreamy Dresser Do-Over
Dreamy Dresser Makeover

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