Painting in Plaid, Non-Traditional Holiday Decor

Fall doesn’t have to be shades of orange and gold anymore, don’t be afraid to decorate in colors that speak to you, and with all the paint colors available, Paint can cover them all!

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Materials List

  • Paint in Palmetto, In the Navy, Cotton, Colonel Mustard, and Gravel Road
  • Two cedar 1”x6″ fencing posts from the hardware store, connected with paint sticks on the rear.
  • Dixie Belle synthetic bristle paint brush
  • 4 paper mache pumpkins from the craft store
  • Lettering stencils
  • 120 grit sandpaper for distressing
  • Satin top coat

1. Choose your inspiration

Autumn to me is the time to dig out the down comforter, put away the flip flops, and dust off the fireplace. My inspiration was the warmth and comfort of fall plaids. A table runner in shades of teal, gold, and gray was my inspiration. Not your traditional orange pumpkins, but speaks to the feel of the season.

My project would be fall decor with a message that offers a warm invite to guests, a scape of paper mache pumpkins and leaning wood sign.

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2. Don’t be afraid to mix!

With 60+ colors in their line, not only are all the colors you see an option, but every color in between as well. My inspiration piece included a teal that I custom mixed by combining 3 parts Palmetto to 1 part In the Navy.

It is the perfect compliment to the Colonel Mustard and Warm Gray of Gravel Road.

Beautiful one coat coverage means this project only took a few hours and was completed in one day!

3. Add interest with pattern and texture

With a coat on my sign and my pumpkins, I set off adding interest with pattern.

I used a sponge brush to create lines on my sign and by thinning the paint with a bit of water, it gave me the overlapping look of plaid.

The sign lettering was done with craft store lettering stencils and Redesign with Prima stencil roll stencils on the pumpkins.

4. Choose the best top coat

With a house under construction, my decor will be indoors this year, but I hope I can adorn the porch next year, so I chose a top coat sealant that is appropriate for indoor or outdoor use

Clear coat wipes on with a sponge or brush, is water repellant, and dries rock hard, with a medium satin sheen.

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The finished result is a warm and inviting display that compliments my year round decor!

This Post Has 4 Comments

  1. Betty Grotts

    If you would please tell me what colors you mixed to get the beautiful color of flat mustard . DId you use dark wax on the dresser. I have a small china cabinet in my kitchen and would love to have the color you come up with. I used dixie bell before on small items and getting ready to tackle with china cabinet.

    1. Brandy K.

      This piece is Dixie belle paint in colonel mustard tinted with chocolate and highlighted with buttercream and satin top coat

  2. Debra Hubbs

    All your projects come out perfect. You have such a great eye for everything.

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