I am Brandy Kollenborn, a furniture painter from Sacramento, Ca and the owner and artisan behind “Brushed by Brandy.”

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Furniture is my canvas, functional art pieces worthy of designing a room around. No two are ever the same. I seek to create pieces that speak to you when you walk in the room a firm believer that the things we surround ourselves with should evoke emotion.

All of the pieces in this album are in my current inventory and available to customize in the finishes of your choice!

The majority of my work is chosen from my unfinished inventory and designed with the customer, for a truly custom experience. I only choose high quality, solid wood pieces, that can be refinished and brought back to the showpiece quality. Pricing depends on the size of the piece and complexity of the finishes chosen.

Feel free to contact me if you would like more information including pics/dimensions or to design any of these for your space!

Local delivery and nationwide shipping available.

Inventory Available for Customization

All of the pieces in this album are completed and currently available for sale. Contact me for additional pictures or dimensions on each item.

Local delivery and nationwide shipping available.



A rising tide lifts all ships. I attribute much of my success to sharing through teaching. The resources were limited when I was trying to learn, this is how I can help fill that gap and share the value that painting has brought me.

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Blogging is a tool I use to answer some of my most frequently asked questions, put them in writing for a permanent resource. I stay active in the painting community to observe where there are the most questions, and address them here. Throw in some step by step tutorials, best practices, and helpful tips and you’ll find a bit of everything here.

This toasted marshmallow furniture flip promotion was a Youtube collaboration and a blast! I didn't realize what a learning experience the challenge would be for me!

When I first started painting furniture, teaching was scarce, techniques were considered very proprietary, and information took much digging. Her are my top 5 tips I wish I knew when I was just beginning furniture painting.


About Brushed by Brandy.

I wanted to take a chance to introduce myself,

I am Brandy Kollenborn, a furniture painter from Sacramento, CA and owner and artisan behind “Brushed By Brandy”.

I’m a stay at home mom of 3 boys, Noah 11, Ashton 8, and Logan 5, married for 16 years to my favorite furniture cameraman, repairman and delivery person, Sean. I have a degree in finance and left my career with The State of CA to stay home when my youngest son was born, with no clue what my next step would be, it was a leap of faith!

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