Our RV Makeover Project

We have big plans for this RV makeover and are starting with an update to the kitchen and main living area. Check it out!
RV Makeover Before and After

We recently purchased an RV, a 2000 Fleetwood Storm 34 ft with slide-out that sleeps 6. We are huge fans of upcycling and rarely start out with exactly what we want. The concept of upcycling is to buy low, make improvements, and trade-up each time. We have big plans for this RV makeover and are starting with an update to the kitchen and main living area. Here is what our camper upcycle has looked like so far:

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Materials Mentioned

RV Makeover Before and After

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Upcycling To Our Latest RV Makeover

This all started with a tent trailer we bought for $1000, and sold for $4500. It needed a new top that Sean did himself.

Then, a 2005 Trail Cruiser pull behind we bought for $3500 and sold for $5500. All it needed was a good cleaning and basic maintenance updates.

This all lead to the 2000 Fleetwood Class A we bought for $8500.

So you can kind of see how stepping up, over a few years, with an investment of time works with upcycling. We’ve used this same concept in getting the boat we wanted. Slow and steady. Buy low, sell high. A huge tip is to watch for seasonal trends in the market!

RV Makeover Before and After
RV floral is not on trend!

Outdated RV DIY Renovation

So, back to the makeover. Our RV was all original Y2K design trends. The engine only had 10k miles, and it had been lived in while the owners built a home. Everything was in good condition, but very dated. Those florals 🤢🤢 … Who is making RV fabric choices??

RV Makeover Before and After
New sofa and dinette cushions

The dealership had already replaced the carpet and linoleum, so flooring was off our list.

We started by replacing all of the soft surfaces. We shopped for a leather RV sofa and recliner on Facebook Marketplace and found a set for $350, and were able to resell one of the old recliners for $100.

We picked up a comfortable queen mattress and found a set of dinette cushions also on Marketplace. The cushions were slightly too large so I opened the covers and trimmed back the foam.

RV Makeover Before and After

How To Paint RV Cabinets

We then decided to tackle the dated cabinets by first cleaning them all well with Cleaner. Next, we removed all doors from the hinges and took off all handles.

The brass handles and hinges were soaked in 50/50 white vinegar and water overnight to clean, then spray painted black and sealed in satin lacquer.

Painting RV Cabinets RV Makeover Before
Dated cabinets before
Painting RV Cabinets RV Makeover Before and After

The cabinets were primed in Gripping primer , because they were not all real wood, some doors were a laminate.

Our color scheme will be grays, beiges, and creams inspired by the new backslash I found at Lowes, similar to this one HERE. It’s an easy peel and stick tile making it perfect for an RV upcycle project! I chose a 2 tone color scheme for the RV cabinets and painted the kitchen area with paint in Driftwood and did the rest in Sawmill Gravy.

All got 2 coats of paint, then were sprayed on Satin varnish clear coat for protection. The entire cabinet process took 2 of us about a week, working on a step each day.


Painting RV Cabinets RV Makeover Before and After
RV Makeover Kitchen Backsplash
The cabinets turned out amazing!

RV Countertop Facelift

With the cabinet doors reinstalled, I tackled the counters. Originally I’d thought of pouring them in resin, but with the gray painted cabinets, the green tones now look gray and they are actually pretty tolerable, maybe a future upgrade. The edge trim was missing, however, and needed an easy resolution.

RV Makeover Before and After
Missing edge laminate strip

I took a WoodUbend rope moulding and heated it to conform to the edge, attached with Titebond Quick and Thick adhesive, and taped in place to dry overnight.

Shop painting supplies and more of my favorite things in my Amazon Shop!

RV Makeover Countertops Before
Left to dry overnight

Check out how easy it is to use WoodUbend Mouldings!

The next day I painted the WoodUbend trim in Hurricane Gray to coordinate with the counters, and coated in satin clear coat

RV Makeover Countertops
Painted to match
RV Makeover Countertops
Huge improvement!

While I worked on interior paint and decor, my husband was busy installing new speakers, a Bluetooth stereo, a backup camera, flat-screen TV with integrated DVD player, new fans, and lights, all ordered online, then changing out spark plugs and other basic maintenance.

RV Makeover Cabin After

Painting Fabric

I then tackled the ugly green fabric around the slide. Did you know you can paint fabric?? Misting heavily with water while massaging in Hurricane Gray, turns the paint into a dye. Once dry, I lightly sanded, then massaged in Wax in clear, using a nylon brush. The result feels like a smooth leather, and definitely looks better!

Click here for a tutorial on painting our Fabric upholstery

RV Makeover Before and After Painted Fabric
Painted fabric

We are calling this phase 1 of our RV makeover project. Still yet to tackle the bedroom or bathroom, but our confidence is boosted in knowing we can do this and the results are so worthwhile!

RV Makeover After
RV Makeover Before and After
RV Makeover Before and After
RV Makeover RV Kitchen Cabinets Before and After
RV Makeover RV Kitchen Before and After

This Post Has 25 Comments

  1. dana jensen

    Brandy, you did an amazing job and created a tranquil, lovely atmosphere! We were looking for a trailer and I was already planning my changes as well! Some great ideas on pinterest too of course 🙂

    1. Brandy K.

      Thank you! We did just basics, and kept it mobile ready vs some live in makeovers I see

  2. Diane Laurion-Smith

    Hard to believe it’s the same motorhome! You did a fantastic job! I’m sure you and your family will make memories that will last a lifetime as you travel in your beautiful vacation home on wheels!

    1. Brandy K.

      It just feels so much more comfortable!

  3. Vanessa

    Brandy I have followed you for years but remain silent as I am not a social media person. But this one truly takes the cake for me & I just had to say something! I love what y’all did with this renovation and look forward to more! I too am a stay at home mom of 3 with an apparent love for painting and up cycling so it is uplifting to see a fellow mom who has found her passion and able to do it with such honesty, humor, & joy! You are a true gem just like your pieces.. keep up the great work girlfriend!

    1. Brandy K.

      Awww, thsnm you for such a sweet comment, a huge compliment for me!!

  4. Sandra

    What an amazing transformation! Are you doing anything the exterior look? We bought a 2020 travel trailer to park it at a lot at a beach. I would really like to makeover the exterior. Why do they make them look so ugly and boring? Why not paint them fun colors? Anyway, any idea or tips on how to paint the exterior?

    1. Brandy K.

      Really pondering the exterior, maybe taking off decals and replacing them, we did wax part and that helped, not sure yet

  5. Penny

    Oh my goodness What an amazing transformation. I love everything you did as always. I would love a tutorial on painting fabric. I so appreciate all of your videos and the content you give us all for free thank you so much for what you do you are a true artist.

  6. Debra Hubbs

    It looks amazing. Maybe one day I’ll get up the courage to tackle mine lol.

    1. Brandy K.

      Took less time than I had imagined!

  7. Cheryl Atkinson

    Wow, you and Sean did an an amazing job. It looks so slick now. The leather seats and new window coverings made such a difference. I didn’t know you were doing RV flipping.

    1. Brandy K.

      It feels so much better in there. We have been selling @once a year, just casually

  8. Nadine Morency

    We’ve been doing the same thing for 15 years, started with a 16 ‘ trailer and 2 weeks ago we bought a 37’ classe A, and we’ve been successful with good maintenance and great staging, Since I saw your makeover I never tough of going all in and paint. With husband on board we will transform this one into a beach house, to get to our dream gold,,, a PUSHER lollll, may take another one in between to get there but with the experience we got along the way and videos like yours ,,we can, Thank you for sharing your process it was the kick in the… we needed to jump further than before ,,,

    1. Brandy K.

      Same! I could see another upgrade, but current prices are nuts, may lay low for a bit

  9. Debbie

    Did you paint the countertop?

    1. Brandy K.

      No, its the original, was going to pour resin, but it looks much better with the trim, I can tolerate

  10. Dorothy Jean Moye

    Just wondering because I don’t think you mentioned it specifically; did you chalk paint the fridge as well? I’ve done a fair bit of work on my fifth wheel trailer also, and would love to change the look of the fridge.

    1. Brandy K.

      Yes, I took the panels out and painted those as well

  11. Staci L Walker

    That looks GREAT!! We have a 2021 31’ travel trailer, it doesn’t really ‘need’ anything but if I could keep it at the house, I’m sure I’d tinker with it😊

    1. Brandy K.

      It feels much homier with updates

  12. Nicole Connelly

    Looks wonderful! Have you ever painted wallpaper in your RV? We don’t have any painted surfaces just wood cabinets and everything else is a horrible brown wallpaper. It’s really stuck on there too, so thinking about painting over it. Any advice?

    1. Brandy K.

      You can definitely paint it, just will want to use an adhesion primer first and make sure it’s cleaned well

      1. Cheryl Fanello

        Love the changes! Do you think I could use Dixie Belle vudu gel stain on my cabinets (brown wood or fake wood) to give it a slightly distressed look with a white gel?

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