Our Kitchen is Complete!

If you've been following me for a bit, you know that we recently built our own home. We designed our home with an architect and built it from the ground up, doing the finish work ourselves. INCLUDES a DIY Range Top Painting Tutorial

If you’ve been following me for a bit, you know that we recently built our own home. In 2016, we bought a vacant 5 acre parcel of land, designed our home with an architect and built it from the ground up, doing the finish work ourselves.

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Full Kitchen Remodel with DIY Painted Range Hood  Home Blueprint

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We sold the home we were living in and moved in fall 2018, when it was just a shell, completed to drywall. The plan was always that we would do the interior ourselves, to stay within a tight budget. That included cabinets, counters, sinks, faucets, light fixtures, switches, tile, flooring, and the list goes on. We are 10 months in, and it is still far from complete.

Full Kitchen Remodel with DIY Painted Range Hood Before

When we first moved in, we used an outdoor laundry sink and a tool bench for a counter, cooked on the bbq and in a toaster oven. The kitchen was a priority! I had gotten 5+ cabinet bids and they ranged from $10k-$30k to do the whole 3,500 sqft house, quite a range!

Full Kitchen Remodel with DIY Painted Range Hood Design Idea

We ended up going with a local pre-fab cabinet shop called ZMC cabinets. They were able to do the double stacked cabinets, which I really wanted, in addition to being solid wood boxes, soft close, dove tailed, and finished interiors. Our entire cabinet order landed @$12k.

Full Kitchen Remodel with DIY Painted Range Hood  Cabinets going in

We chose granite countertops. I just love the natural randomness of natural stone, it has so much movement. We did use quartz in the laundry room, bathrooms, and media niche for a clean crisp look. We used a local supplier called 101 Building Supply, chose our slabs, they installed them all in one day just two weeks later, at under $8k for the entire house!

Full Kitchen Remodel with DIY Painted Range Hood  The countertops

Our appliance suite is all Kitchenaid, bought at a combination of discount retailers to make a set. The faucet is Delta, sink is a FB marketplace find, barstools are from Target, and our pendants are in My Amazon shop .

We weren’t happy with the cabinet above the range top, so I ordered a plywood hood from Etsy in just a primed finish. The finish was done in these steps:

  1. 1 coat if paint in Coffee Bean
  2. 2 coats of Bronze Patina Paint
  3. Blue Patina Spray
  4. Scrub to remove excess patina
  5. 2 coats of Satin clear coat
  6. Buttercream on bottom trim
Full Kitchen Remodel with DIY Painted Range Hood Step by Step

I STRUGGLED to choose a back splash, even put it out on my pages for help. Our cabinets are not a pure white, which pised a challenge. The one I ended up with…none of the above. We found a natural stone laser cut tile from Floor and Decor that had an interesting shape, the right colors, and complemented our countertops.

Full Kitchen Remodel with DIY Painted Range Hood Mosaic Tile

The hardware and backsplash were 2 things in the house that I felt were worth spending money on to get what we really wanted, but I didn’t have to. The hardware is a brushed nickel design from D. Lawless Hardware

The top crown and bottom trim were some of the last touches. It is far from complete, we still have flooring to install and a few other details, but I finally felt like this room was ready to photograph!

Full Kitchen Remodel with DIY Painted Range Hood
Finished Hood Full Kitchen Remodel with DIY Painted Range Hood
Finished Full Kitchen Remodel with DIY Painted Range Hood
Complete Full Kitchen Remodel with DIY Painted Range Hood
Full Kitchen Remodel with DIY Painted Range Hood Complete
Cabinets Full Kitchen Remodel with DIY Painted Range Hood
Full Kitchen Remodel with DIY Painted Range Hood

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  1. Janie Hayes

    All beautiful

    1. vicki l kenefsky

      You are not kidding! This is truly the most beautiful, unique kitchen. I am speechless.! Vicki K

  2. CT Smith

    Brandy, your kitchen is gorgeous.  I know it has to feel great having it finished.  Congrats!
    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  3. Christine Marek

    What a beautiful kitchen you guys created for your new home. I love it all and am excited to start our remodel later this year.
    One question, in your close up of the cabinet doors you have knobs on them. Why is there two different sizes on the two? Are you trying to decide which knob size? Just my OCD self that is curious. Lol
    Again, great job on your kitchen, enjoy it for years to come.

    1. Brandy K.

      Not different sizes, they are the same. The cabinets are staggered so could just be that one is closer to the camera and catching light differently

  4. karen m Franceschini

    Your kitchen is so beautiful! May I ask where you found those fabulous hanging lights?

  5. cdcass2014

    Congrats on completing your kitchen!!! Love the cabinets and the countertops!! We are in the process of a full home remodel as well, with 3,750 sq. ft, and we thus far have finished all three full baths (included is the Master Bath). We also just finished our kitchen!! Rebuilt the cabinet faces, soft close and ALL pull-out drawers he made for me! It’s hard when it’s just the two of us doing all of it – primarily on weekends! Luckily, my husband is a builder, and I do all of the planning and painting! Kitchen cabinets were my least favorite chore! It took a while to finish it, but we spent more time in the M Bath adding a half wall with shelves inside and three cubbies; two shelves opened tucked in at the end of the vanity and one cubby behind the faucets of the jacuzzi. We tore out the old shower to rebuild floor up a new shower, then recessed the three mirror vanity cabinet adding six” to the depth. Took out two 1/2 walls in the kitchen – and replaced every appliance. We replaced every aspect of the kitchen, and built an arched opening to the upstairs family room on the opposite side of the Dining Room entrance to the kitchen. We are even mudding all the walls upstairs, taping, sanding and starting with all new walls. We are in the dining room now, just got two walls painted so far, and I plan to do a faux marble above the circle in circle wainscot hubby is making for me!! Adding hardwood floor and tiles under the breakfast bar counter that wraps around and the four stools back on the edge of the dining room. Wishing you much success to completion! It’s a lot to take on, and any furniture that we have not replaced I get to paint!! At least it’s for us so I can choose the entire decor (small to large) in whatever I want and paint it just the way I want it! It took a while to plan 23 rooms! I wish you two all the best with your remodel and try to have fun! Denise

  6. Mary Gill Terry

    Love your kitchen!! The cabinets, back splash, the hood, lights, island, floors. It has such a clean look. You two did an awesome job. Very talented. ❤️

  7. Nancy Thompson

    Absolutely beautiful! Looks so warm and inviting.

  8. Chrystal

    I have been following you not quite a year and you are an amazing woman! I love to follow your videos and willingness to share your talent. You are my inspiration! I lost my job 1 1/2 years ago at age 57 nd became a caregiver for my mom. I love to paint, but my life responsibility comes first. You always seem to bring me back to my love of painting. Thank you for sharing and helping me to keep on believing in myself.

    1. Brandy K.

      I love that! Makes me so happy!!

  9. Ode'

    I just found you on YouTube and I am impressed by your talent! Every thing I have seen so far is wow woo wow! I look forward to looking at all of you video’s, and you kitchen is a dream! ❤️

    1. Brandy K.

      Thank you so much! Welcome aboard!

  10. Ana Azicri

    You speak to my heart; we share the same success story! Our first home was a shell rebuilt after hurricane Andrew. We moved and to one functioning bathroom and slowly build it out. Your home it’s beautiful thank you for sharing your story of hard work, dedication, and all the love that it takes to make it a home.

    1. Brandy K.

      A lot of work, but best thing we ever did!

  11. Teresa Cathey

    Hi Brandy. Really a beautiful kitchen. I love your range hood and your backsplash is gorgeous. Congratulations to you and your family.👍🥰

  12. merideth kinney

    It turned out great! I have those same barstools. We have had to weld them, they get rocky, but still love them

    1. Brandy K.

      So far so good, but I’ll keep am eye on them!

  13. Hoodsly

    Love what it is transformed into! Beautiful!

  14. Noritz

    Thank you for sharing your renovation process. In fact, it was very interesting to observe how this room turned from gray, concrete walls into an island of gathering and attention for the whole family. I really like what you ended up with. As for me, you even surpassed what was on the plan, because the plan does not show the full picture. This is wow!

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