Move up or move out

This will be my last post about the lead up, then onto the good stuff, I swear. When we first thought of moving, our search started in Sacramento. This has been our home for 16 years, we wanted to stay. The problem is the lack of move up housing in Sacramento.

Believe me, we tried, we looked. We looked in natomas, but it is just more of the same, the houses are all the same age, similar sized yards and features. We looked in the pocket, but it’s older and wasnt what we wanted. East Sac homes are too small. Honestly, what is there when you want to move up in Sac? It makes me sad.

This is the community we’ve lived in the entire time we’ve been in Sac, we love our school, the kids play sports here, I volunteer here, so it’s hard that it no longer meets our needs. I’ve believed for a long time, that if there is a problem, try to fix it. My pet peeve is being a part of the problem rather than the solution, so we got involved. 

Back when we were building the wall I learned a tremendous amount about housing and housing policies in the city of Sacramento, I also worked in housing for the state, so had a good understanding of what was going on around us. In 2010 I was appointed to represent natomas and downtown in a stakeholder group working to rewrite the mixed income housing ordinance in Sacramento, an antiquated policy written in 2001 that was having a crippling effect on natomas. For months we met, builders, housing advocates, and community members, and it was completely fruitless.

I stayed very involved in the conversation up until Logan was born in 2014 and I took a year off. The meetings are hard as a stay at home parent of 3 very young kids. When the neighborhood association in our area got a fresh start, I became the vice president, it had a good run for a while, got community and police involved, hosted a school board forum, but we really lacked many big issues to tackle and keep people involved. 

North natomas community coalition was my favorite group to be a part of. This was the meat and potatoes of what was going on. The core group on involved residents in our area, leadership from each HOA and association, meeting to discuss any building and policy proposals that would effect our area. This was where I felt the most good was being done. 

When we began building, running a small business and having the kids, the meetings were just too much so I’ve stepped back again. Most new building proposals continue status quo for our area and the closest thing to move up housing won’t materialize for a good 5-10 years. There has been a mass exodus from Sacramento to surrounding communities like Roseville and Folsom. As Sacramento has continued to build down, they are building up. 

I hope to be involved in our new community as well. It will take time to gain similar ground, find where the valuable conversations are being had and where my time is best used. 

When we first started considering building, I posted in a facebook group asking for opinions for others who had considered the same. I will never forget, a response from a Realtor that basically said “don’t do it if you can avoid it”. I asked why and she said its an immense amount of stress and there is a house out there for everyone. I guess my point here is that we looked, we got involved, we tried, for years, and our option didn’t exist, that is why we are creating it, but not without years of forethought and effort leading up to it.

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