Lush Magnolia furniture finish

A custom blend of colors and a beautiful new furniture transfer resulting in a Lush Magnolia Furniture Finish that might just be my new favorite!

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Materials Mentioned



Surf Prep sander

Paint A custom mix of paint in Palmetto, Antebellum Blue, and Midnight Sky French with Linen for highlight

Wood u bend mouldings

Gold Gilding Wax

Magnolia transfer

Black wax

Clear coat

Furniture salve

The top and legs are going to stay a natural wood, so I sanded those down using my Surf Prep sander.

I’m using a custom mixed paint color, a rich emerald green made using the largest portion of Palmetto, tinted with a bit of Antebellum Blue and darkened with Midnight Sky. We’ll call this color Juniper. 😊

I blended my Juniper mix using Midnight Sky for shading and the tiniest bit of French Linen for a highlight.

Here is my base coat:

Base coat of my lush magnolia furniture finish
Just the paint

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This is a beautiful paint finish on its own, but I wove through the Magnolia Garden transfer in a crescent shape, vining up one side.

See the Lush Magnolia Furniture Finish transfer application!

adding transfer to my lush magnolia furniture finish
After the transfer

I added some Black Wax to the raw wood legs and top, then wiped back the majority, just so it darkened the grain and carvings.

Painted inside the drawers with a custom paint mix
Polished up the drawers

The inside of the drawers got a complimentary mix, slightly heavier on Antebellum Blue, then sealed in Furniture salve

The hardware was cleaned well and hit with a bit of Gold Gilding Wax to brighten them up.

lush magnolia furniture finish and hardware up close
Original hardware got a cleaning

I decided to add a few Wood u bend mouldings moulding to the apron and backplate. Just to make these areas not so plain. They got my body color of Juniper and Midnight Sky, then a bit of Gold Gilding Wax.

Wood u bend accents

The final product is lush, a deep rich color against the simplicity of the white flowers.

lush magnolia furniture finish on an old wood chest of drawers

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This Post Has 14 Comments

  1. Cheryl Atkinson

    What a pretty color mix. Thank n.v yo uh for sharing. Hope you are well and staying safe.

  2. Carolyn Easter

    Lovely contrast of green “Juniper” and the raw wood color. Makes the legs seem gold in color!!!

    1. Brandy K.

      The raw wood is such a pretty contrast

  3. Jamie Stuart

    Totally obsessed with this piece. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Brandy K.

      Thank you! A rough journey with a beautiful outcome

  4. Mary Jo Campbell

    I had to watch this video again because I’m being very cautious and also nervous about using the magnolia garden transfer on a cedar chest that belonged to my mother. I think I will just take my time and cut pieces out and place them in different pattern placements before I make a final decision. Your work is always so encouraging to those of us who are beginners, thank you.

    1. Brandy K.

      That’s the best way, just take it slow, dry fit them, then attach one at a time

      1. Jerri

        Hi Brandy. Thank you for sharing your amazing talents. Your work is gorgeous and inspiring. I’m considering painting a hutch I have in my basement. The timing is perfect since we experienced a flood from a burned out sump pump. The carpet is torn out and we’re picking out flooring. I thought painting on the concrete would be a safe bet for a newbie.
        Anyway, long story short, can I mix chalk paint brands? I have a couple of Ann Sloan colors I’d like to use with DB Midnight Sky. I don’t want to have to buy more paint if I can use what I have.
        I appreciate your honest answer.
        Thank you,
        Jerri Rathjen

      2. Brandy K.

        They are all different formulations, some mix better that others, but those 2 are pretty compatible

    2. Brandy K.

      Good idea to dry fit them beforehand

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