Blended Blue Buffet

I overpaid for this buffet months ago because I love the details on it and it is in spectacular condition. I have a similar piece saved in my inspiration on Pinterest done in a gray/blue with gold accents! The holiday times were a bit slower than usual so I pulled out some pieces that had gone a while with no orders to do my own thing. Lets turn this piece into a beautifully blended blue buffet!

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Blended Blue Buffet

I’m supposed to be moving in a few months, we are building a new home, but my garage is a warehouse of furniture waiting for its turn in line. I can never resist a good piece, despite strains on my production ability 😁.

Products used for this look:

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Blended Blue Buffet

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After a good cleaning with White Lightening, I chose a blended look for this piece to add interest to the otherwise flat faces on the front. Blending adds softness and interest where there may be none. I chose a graduation of blues, 3 similar shades from dark to light.

Blended Blue Buffet

I did two blended coats on this piece, each done exactly the same so that I have two coats of each color over each other. The base coat is blended with a bit less precision knowing that it is just a base.

This video shows paint blending in action using the same 3 colors:

Blended Blue Buffet
Blended Blue Buffet

After two blended coats, I coated this piece in clear wax to seal my paint, now for the detailing. I started with black glaze, just to get into the low points of the acute details on the doors and carvings, wiping it back bottom the surrounding areas for a clean, dark line.

Blended Blue Buffet

I came back right after glazing, once it had dried to the touch, and added gold Gilding Wax. I applied the Gilding Wax with a small artists brush and a steady hand. Gilding Wax on its own is very durable, but I added another coat of clear wax to seal the glazing in.

After a second coat of clear wax I added brown and black wax accents, smearing them outward from the dark glaze, to great a more shadowed effect.

The top on this piece was gorgeous, a beautiful, clean piece of wood. I stained with two coats of No Pain Gel Stain in Espresso and coated in Gator Hide. The perimeter of the top is framed in intricate carved detail that would have been impossible to strip, so I painted that portion, glazed the crevices, and also coated in Gator Hide

Blended Blue Buffet

The hardware is all original. I cleaned it well by soaking in white vinegar over night. It cleaned very well, but to make the gold coordinate, I hit the hardware with a bit of gold Gilding Wax as well. The gold on the piece was a bit harsh, so I distressed it back a bit using fine steel wool to expose the blue underneath as though it had been finely gilded ages ago, but worse for the wear.

I couldn’t be happier with the way this blended blue buffet turned out! I love this blend so much it made My Top 20, 3 Color Blends list!! You can find that here! What are your favorite shades to use for color blending on furniture?

Blended Blue Buffet
Blended Blue Buffet
Blended Blue Buffet
Blended Blue Buffet
Blended Blue Buffet
Blended Blue Buffet
Blended Blue Buffet

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  1. Tammy Bonnell

    My goodness, Brandy!! This is BEYOND WORDS I can find to describe the beauty, your talent!! I’m your BIGGEST fan…but then again, we ALL are 🙃
    Thank you so so very much for sharing in DETAIL the colors, techniques, all you did to achieve this piece of Gorgeous!!! ❤️

  2. Linda

    I’m over the moon on this piece! Dear God it is exquisite! Thank you for explaining all info as to how you did this. I have a buffet to work on and I so love what you did here. Thank you again.

    1. Brandy K.

      Thank you! So glad it was helpful

  3. Kerri Anderson

    Do you have a list of the pieces with pictures you have available for sale? I am so going to try this, but will have to start something simple and inexpensive. I may have just found my retirement hobby, but need to work towards the level that you have achieved. I’m just finding you today for th he first time and need to read and watch more of your work. Your work is beautiful. Do you have to strip and sand down pieces before you paint or do you go right over the finish as it is. Will it work on any wood and finish? Sorry for so many questions I’m just in awe..

    1. Brandy K.

      I have my for sale pieces in a shop on my Facebook page at I also have several videos there under the videos tab. You can paint over an existing finish, it needs to be cleaned and any damage repaired beforehand

  4. Debra Hubbs

    Beautiful job. So talented! I loved the video on this too. You are so helpful and inspiring. You made it look easy but….we shall see haha.

  5. Mary Kay Miner

    Hi Brandy, I am in love with this piece! Absolutely stunning! Do you mind telling me the exact names of the colors used please. I want to paint my dresser like this. Thanks so much. You are so talented

  6. Lynda

    Wow!! The best I have ever seen!!

  7. Sarah

    Love this! Thank you for sharing your pieces, they are each so inspiring 💜

  8. Tonya

    This is so stunning! One question, by the color chart it looks like Stormy Seas and Vintage Duck Egg are in the Gray/Green Color Family but it looks so blue in the finished photos! Does it look this blue in person or lean towards the gray/green?
    I am just blown away by your talent!

    1. Brandy K.

      The photo is in full natural light with no filters. The stormy seas tones down the green the the vintage duck egg, and the vintage duck egg tones down the gray in stormy seas. Ive seen this piece in its new home, it is definitely a blue, not green or gray

      1. Tonya Sams

        Fantastic! Off to buy new colors! 😀

  9. Stephanie

    I’m just in love with your work. You have blown my mind and you shared the colors you used to obtain the product. I’m wanting to do a piece that’s a gray, white and somewhat mocha blended like you have but am unsure if it’s possible or what colors to select. I would appreciate your help! I not worthy! Thank you in advance.

    1. Brandy K.

      I did one in French linen, gravel road, and sawmill gravy that was pretty. Coffee bean would mix well with those too

    2. Sheril Wilson

      Is there a step by step video on this piece?

  10. Shirley Anne Elliott

    Thank you Brandy, you are so generous providing the actual paints you used, very few artists do. I am a great fan of the paint & I am delighted we can purchase it here in Australia. You are a true artist & I really love & admire your work. thank you so much for your help. shirley elliott

    1. Brandy K.

      Yes, it was unheard if when I was learning too, slowly becoming more common

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