Glass Kitchen Cabinet Upgrade

The smallest projects always have the BIGGEST impact and I LOVE this little glass kitchen cabinet upgrade!

I always had an image in my head when we built our kitchen, some of it would take some creativity. We used standard pre-fab cabinetry from a local cabinet shop, which meant we were limited in design options to what came standard.

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We were able to get glass fronts, make the sizes work, and customize a few to varying depth, but I wanted corbels and fretwork on the glass panels. These details are small, but make big impressions. Time to get creative and add them myself 🤔

PVC Fretwork Kitchen Cabinet Upgrade Brushed by Brandy

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Here are pics of our kitchen before, beautiful, but you see those glass cabinet doors??

Before Glass Kitchen Cabinet PVC Upgrade Brushed by Brandy
Before my Glass Kitchen Cabinet Upgrade Brushed by Brandy

Guess what I’m going to do with these?

PVC Fretwork Panels for a Glass Kitchen Cabinet Upgrade Brushed by Brandy
Abisag PVC Fretwork

These are PVC fretwork panels ordered from Wayfair (similar option, exact was sold out at the time this was written). They come in a variety of designs, and at about $13 each, this whole glass kitchen cabinet upgrade project came in around $40!!

I chose a design that could be cut in half and each panel did 2 glass doors so I only needed to order 3. The lattice design tied in with the shapes in my backslash and kitchen lights.

Measuring PVC Fretwork for Kitchen Cabinet Upgrade Brushed by Brandy

Once each panel was measured, I cut them and sanded the edges.

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Cut and sanded to fit inset glass kitchen cabinet upgrade Brushed by Brandy
PVC Fretwork Glass Kitchen Cabinet Upgrade Brushed by Brandy

The closest color of paint to my cabinetry is Buttercream. So they each got 2 coats of Buttercream mineral chalk paint and then sealed in clear coat

I attached each piece to the back of the glass along the frame, using a few beads of clear silicone.

Glass Kitchen Cabinet Upgrade Brushed by Brandy

The Corbels under my cabinets were added in the same way, PVC corbels painted to match!

The finished product is a small weekend job that I am completely in love with. These small details make our cabinets feel completely custom!

Catch The full blog post on my kitchen HERE

And check out the full look after my glass kitchen cabinet upgrade! 👇

After Glass Kitchen Cabinet Upgrade Brushed by Brandy
After my DIY Kitchen Cabinet Upgrade Brushed by Brandy
Glass Kitchen Cabinet with PVC Fretwork Brushed by Brandy
Upgrade Glass Kitchen Cabinet with PVC Fretwork Brushed by Brandy

This Post Has 26 Comments

  1. Candace

    Love the upgrade, and you’re right!! Looks so custom now!!

  2. Michele B

    They look amazing

  3. Linda

    Love this. Just an FYI. In our previous home we used a
    PVC crown moulding. We did not prime but just painted with SW paint. Baseboards were primed and painted with the same SW paint color. After a year or so the PVC crown had turned a noticeably darker white than the baseboards. Sincerely hope this does not happen to your beautiful project.

  4. LeAnn Aguilar

    I love it! What a wonderful idea. Where do you get all your creativity? Your ideas inspire so many. Keep them coming!

  5. Gayle Judd

    Love, love, love your kitchen!! This decorative feature on your glass doors just took it to another level. Very nice💜

    1. Georgia

      Love everything about your kitchen…
      Great project! Was your backsplash done with stencil or a stamp?? And is you did it with paint did you seal with GHide???

      1. Brandy K.

        Backslash is tile

      2. Brandy K.

        The backslash is all tile

  6. Gayle Judd

    Love, love, love your kitchen! These inserts on your glass doors took it to another level. Beautiful💙💙

  7. Trish Ringlespaugh

    Really makes a great impression. I have been thinking how to add glass to some of my cabinets and your inserts are lovely and budget friendly. Thanks, Brandy-you have solved my my issue.

  8. Debra Hubbs

    Wow looks amazing. You are brilliant and so creative!

  9. Kathy Bandy

    Wow, that’s great!!!

  10. Debby Sutrick

    What a great, creative ‘hack’! I’m in the process of designing a built-in bar area with glass uppers and that look for the glass doors is exactly what I envisioned. But did you ever price cabinet doors with ‘fretwork’ ??? This will now make them so affordable. Thank you Brandy!!! I follow your posts and always seem to learn a new process or technique which is so rewarding. And, you are an enjoyable and fun person to learn from! Thank goodness for BBB, and Sean too!😍👍

    1. Brandy K.

      Yes! They are crazy expensive!

  11. Cheryl

    LOVE!!! Where did you purchase the hood vent over your stove? Thank you

    1. Brandy K.

      It is from etsy and I painted it. There is a blog to my full kitchen linked at the end of this one

  12. Cath Carpio

    Wow Brandy, what a huge impact detail. My eye goes right to the tiny doors. Beautiful job you did.

  13. Linda Robson

    It’s those little creative touches that make all the difference! You rock!

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