Fabulous French Cherry Blossom Buffet

I tend to be a theme decorator, take cues from the style of my piece and run with is all the way through. This french provincial style buffet gets a fabulous cherry blossom makeover and is a perfect example.
Fabulous French Cherry Blossom Buffet Finished

I tend to be a theme decorator, take cues from the style of my piece and run with is all the way through. This french provincial style buffet gets a fabulous cherry blossom makeover and is a perfect example.

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Materials list:

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Good bones, in good condition!

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This solid maple buffet started out in great condition, no repairs, just a cleaning with Dixie Belle White Lightning. This piece wiped consistently dirty when cleaning, a sign that the wood tannins are bleeding. I sealed with Dixie Belle BOSS stain and odor blocking primer to put a barrier between them and my paint.

Dixie Belle BOSS in White under my paint.

I wanted my cherry blossom appliques to vine down the front of the doors, weaving in and out of the frame. I used the Redesign with Prima Cherry Blossom mould and Amazing Resin to cast 4 sets from my silicone mould and attached them with Titebond Quick & Thick adhesive over my Dixie Belle BOSS.

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Resin moulds flowing down the doors.

My top was stripped to bare wood, sanded, colored with a weathered wood accelerator, and sealed before I laid my paint on. My base coat of paint is where I conceptualize my finish. My colors on this changed from my initial vision of Dried Sage on the base to French Linen. The combo of French Linen, Drop Cloth, and Savannah Mist was the combination of subtle neutrals I was after.

Base coat. Rough blends to get an idea for color placement .

My second coat is a repeat of my base coat, perfecting the transitions between my color blends

Second coat

You can see my second coat of paint on video here!

Up next was the Carte Postale transfer by Redesign with Prima, applied carefully over the frames of each drawer, it fit perfectly! I used artists brushes and added a bit of color to the flowers with Dixie Belle Mud Puddle, Collared Greens, Tea Rose, and Muscadine Wine. Some were colored completely, and others just dry brushed over top for variation.

The finishing touches on Fabulous French Cherry Blossom Buffet came with a coat of Satin Clear Coat over all. I then used Dixie Dirt in Earth and Brown Best Dang Wax to age my look a bit and resealed it all in another coat of Satin Clear.

Catch the aging process on video here!

French…Fabulous…and Finished!

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  1. sharon

    This is exquisite. Just breathtaking! Thanks so much for sharing the process. The end result is stunning.

  2. denisegriffith126

    You are amazing! Thanks for sharing what is obviously a God given talent!

  3. marguerite

    Beautiful. Thanks for so generously sharing your knowledge with us mere mortals. I’m practicing blending on a serving tray for my son’s coffee table at the moment. Watching you do it so effortlessly gives me the courage to go back in there and feather away those pesky lines of transition … again. 😍

  4. Mary

    I’m going to have to start saving money because I have to have one of your painted projects. And this one just sent me over the edge. It is just stunning.

    1. Brandy K.

      I think the next one is even better!

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