DIY Christmas Ornaments

I took some plain Dollar Store plastic ornaments and transformed them into custom Victorian inspired decorations. Learn how to create these DIY Christmas Ornaments here!
DIY Christmas Ornaments Brushed by Brandy

I took some plain Dollar Store plastic ornaments and transformed them into custom Victorian inspired decorations. Learn how to create these DIY Christmas Ornaments here!

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Materials list:

Order your Dixie Belle Paint HERE!

I started with plain, clear, plastic ornaments. These could even be your old ornaments if you are ready for a color change.

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Because I am painting on plastic, I started with a coat of Dixie Belle Slick Stick, a gripping primer made for painting on slick surfaces like glass and plastic. This will give my paint something to bite onto.

Use Dixie Belle Slick Stick when painting on plastic.

The next step was to cast some moulds using Redesign with Prima modeling material and silicone moulds. I chose the Winter Blooms mould, my favorite of the florals, and English Garden.

Redesign with Prima decor moulds in Winter Blooms and English Garden

Check put this video casting moulds with Modeling Material!

When they are first cast, the moulds are super pliable and conform easily around the round surface. I used Titebond Quick-n-Thick adhesive to secure them, a thin layer is all you need.

Next was a coat of paint. I chose Dixie Belle paint in Mint Julep, Tea Rose, and Drop Cloth, a non traditional Christmas palette with a vintage victorian feel. One coat gave great coverage, but I went ahead and did two.

Adding Dixie Dirt to age

Once they were dry, a quick spritz with Dixie Belle Easy Peasy Spray Wax seals my paint, but still leave a matte, vintage look. Sealing allows for me to add Dixie Dirt to age the moulds, and control the look a bit easier. Dixie Dirt is an aging powder that gives a very authentic “dirty ” look. I dusted the edges of the moulds and dug some dirt into the details to give them dimension. You can use clear wax to remove any excess

Redesign with Prima decor wax in Eternal

The final step is Redesign with Prima Decor Wax in Eternal. I used my finger and just hit the high points on the mould to make the details stand out. This wax will dry permanent in 24 hours, so no need to seal again.

You can shop furniture transfers HERE!

Catch this entire process on video!

Can you imagine a tree filled in these? Each one a bit different? I love the idea of making these with friends at a holiday gathering, or even making them and leaving on a table setting for completely custom take home gifts.

This Post Has 4 Comments

  1. Freida Page

    The ornaments are beautiful Brandy!

    1. Marguerite

      I’m wondering if you remember – or are willing to render a guess as to – the size of the ornaments you used? Your ornaments are just beautiful, the proportions are spot on, and looking at the offerings online at Amazon & Michael’s leaves me worried I’ll order too big or too small. (Still doing most of our shopping online or curbside over here inTexas).
      Anyway, I want to make ornaments as gifts this year using the new Redesign Christmas molds in the style you did here. (The flowers are so pretty I may have to try a few of those, too.)
      Hope all is well. Thanks for sharing so much of your talent with others. You are a gift to other creative folks everywhere, no matter their level of experience

      1. Brandy K.

        Oh gosh, they were fairly large, maybe 3″ round or so

  2. Carmen

    Simply awesome, pure talent♥️

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