1. I know your in the middle of moving and getting settled in your new home. But when your ready to get started I have a piece I would like to get a quote on having it painted. I believe your in the Sacramento area. I’m in Grass Valley.

    • Awesome! Yes, will be @2 weeks or so before I start working again. Go ahead and message me only Facebook or Instagram page with a pic, dimensions, and an idea of the look you are after and I can give you a quote

  2. Hi Brandy,
    I don’t do Facebook and couldn’t figure out how to send a private picture thru Instagram.
    I know I’m giving away my age. Lol So If you could send me a email address we could work thru or another suggestion that would be great.

    Thank so much

  3. I saw a picture on Pinterest of a beautiful Bombay night stand that you painted. Do you have a tutorial video for that piece? Thanks!

    • I am in the Sacramento, CA area. I am a stay at home mom of 3 young boys, our schedule is crazy so I dont currently teach. Videos are the easiest way for me to share and I have a ton on YouTube

  4. I just wanted to tell you what an inspiration you have been to me! I only started painting about a year and a half ago, and I absolutely love it. At times I get frustrated as I am 62 years old and, while starting something new at any age is an intimidating prospect, it is particularly so for someone who generally considers herself to be in the “old dog, new tricks” category. I look to your videos for guidance and you have not let me down yet. One question I have concerns taking pictures of your pieces. Do you have them photographed by a professional? It seems impossible to get the lighting right to capture color, as well as detail. Thank you so much for your great teaching videos as they have given me hope that maybe I’m not too old after all!

    • Thank you sooo much for the sweet message! I've always used natural light and my cell phone for pics, nothing fancy. I took them outdoors in front of my garage and now have a staging wall in my workspace with great natural light. There are artificial light kites you can buy, but nothing compared to good ole sunlight

  5. Brandy, I just want to say THANK YOU not only for your guidance and sharing all that knowledge, but also for your sweet spirit and willingnesss to go over stuff (as many times as many ways as it takes) Youre continuously sharing with us your knowledge in the paint “S.K.I.L.L.S!!!” department-and girl….do you have skill…..more than you know, but I also wanted to give you my sincerest gratitude for showing YOU. The biz the, the boys, the hubby, the customers…..I’ve seen your video over and over and i have never seen a woman, let alone a woman in OUR business, show love love love and always so patient. I’m sure we all have moments “off screen” but even in the mess and chaos, that is the life of any creative you have become the role model of how I would like to come across in the biz, but also my real life. If our home isn’t set in love and patience from us….than I know the rest of my life would not even be a fraction of what it could be, what it should be. Love respect patience creative willingness resourceful – just some of the things that I have seen in you and my family can see in me now. All because you decided to share your knowledge and life with the world. I also learned that courage isn’t about doing something cool or dangerous physically but it’s about. Doing said thing in front of the world who only will accept you or hate you…..well keep your beautiful spirit and never. Let the would change you and never stop sharing your mad skill, my friend
    With all my love
    The Cluttered Cottage of Bartlett, Tn

    • You literally just brought tears to me eyes, that has to be one of the sweetest, most genuine messages I have ever gotten. Words like that make this all worthwhile!

  6. Brandy, thank you for being such inspiration! I just read a devotion sharing that we need to be listeners and care first for others. As we dedicate to others our own rewards will blossom. Well Brandy, that is YOU! ❤️ Now to my question. I am wondering how well your wonderful patina technique using Dixie Belle posted (May 24) for the record/stereo cabinet would hold up outside in the elements. Would the gator hide protect the finish? It could open a lot of possibilities if it would. Also, will AS wax work with Dixie Belle since I really should use mine up, before switching! Have a great weekend!!!

    • I love that! Thank you for sharing that devotion! I've personally never used patina on an outdoor project, but i hear it holds up well. It is actual rust that is created. Gator hide is also rated for outdoor use

  7. im interested in trying dixie belle products. i currently use annie sloan. i would like to order, since you introduced me to the product should i go through you or just on line in general.

    • Thank you so much for thinking of me! Here is my affiliate link for anytime you order in the future. Prices are the same for you, but i get a small credit for any purchases made through this link

  8. I have been watching many of your videos and love your work. I purchased a piece at a garage sale that looks like it has been painted and some black wax in the details. I know from you that if it were Dixie bell products, I can typically paint over. Since I don’t know what is on this piece, do I need to remove the wax and if so, how? Or can I clean and paint over it? Thank you and keep making good videos…

  9. Hi Brandi
    Please not asking sympathy just let you know why I am needed my therapy My husband just passed away, fell and knocked my teeth out and had 4 surgeries. I then fell on broke my shoulder and had a stroke. I am in occupational therapy. I do not know how to bland in my desk. Any specific? I would be so grateful. I have never seen your work is impeccable. This desk was my husband’s and I want it to be rprrfect. Any color suggestions. Thank you and I feel so blessed to learn from you. Many blessings, patty Casey

  10. Happy New Year! Love your videos! You have an true artist vision and it results in such beautiful pieces – really unique. I wanted to let you know about a great organization called FabMo – it was created by a couple who wanted to eliminate waste from landfill so they collect samples and give them away for FREE! Its great for crafting as they have great samples including wallpaper, tiles, glass tiles, fabric, buttons – almost something for everyone. I highly recommend that you check them out – granted you will have to drive a bit as they are in the South Bay (South of SF) but its worth it! I found some vintage wallpaper samples that are amazing – I’m making a “rug” on my floor with them.

  11. Brandy, I have been binge-watching your videos and absolutely LOVE your work! Question: I have a vintage dresser with a factory finish ( no idea what) It is stained wood with grain showing through -kinda greenish gray. I’d like to add a little more gray smoke tinge to it without painting it. Do you think I could add a thin coat of VOODOO gray and then re-seal? I like the finish but want more gray on it. Thanks for any advice!

  12. Help just doing my second big piece a dresser the first on I did a solid color with two coats of paint and waxes turn out fine this piece I started two coats and now blending three colors I’m having a lot of bleed thru issues with the original reddish brown stain on oak wood is there anyway to fix the bleed thru after the paint I didn’t think it needed a base coat as by other one was fine

      • ok thank you do you have products for sale locally or amazon? I'm in Ripon Ca by you, it takes forever to get things direct from Dixie Bell via mail

  13. What is the preferred Dixie Bell White paint for white furniture for that Shabby Chic distressed look. Thank you ! I’m debating between cotton and fluff, like more of a warm white versus a glaring white.

  14. Hi Brandy, I love your work. How do you choose the pieces you buy? Do you lean towards certain pieces of furniture? Any advice for a newbie?

  15. Thanks for a wonderful website, amazing tutorials, flawless work and sharing your considerable experience! I’d really value your input regarding a vintage display cabinet I have with inlay marquetry on the wooden top, which would be a shame to cover. I’d planned a bit of an Art Deco restyle with gold inside and black outside, but can’t imagine integrating this wooden top cohesively. Any ideas, or should I change my vision?

  16. I’m new to using Dixie Belle Paint, very exciting! The Dixie belle paint brushes are kind of expensive, I was wondering if you could recommend some paint brushes for a beginner that are good but not as expensive.

  17. Your work is absolutely stunning! I'm new to Dixie Belle Paint so I'm learning as I go and I often reference your work when I'm stuck. I have a few classic pieces lined up for transformation and I wanted to know - do you usually keep and refinish the hardware on a classic piece or do you replace the hardware? I'm often torn between using the original hardware or bringing new life with updated hardware (but then I sometimes feel bad not keeping it original). Would love your thoughts on how you decide on hardware when you begin working on a piece.

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