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I am Brandy Kollenborn, a furniture painter from Sacramento, CA and owner and artisan behind “Brushed By Brandy”.

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Top 5 Tips for Beginning Furniture Painters

When I first started painting furniture, teaching was scarce, techniques were considered very proprietary, and information took much digging. Her are my top 5 tips I wish I knew when I was just beginning furniture painting.

How to Prevent Yellowing with Clear Coats

Yellowing is a common complaint among topcoats. Here are some general rules when considering which topcoat to use and how to prevent yellowing

Dixie Belle around MY house

We recently built our own home and moved into the shell to do the finish work ourselves. It is still VERY MUCH a work in progress. Here is a complication of our Dixie Belle projects around our home.

The Difference Between Furniture Wax and Glaze

There are a few factors that I keep in mind when deciding which finish I want to use. Let’s explore the similarities and differences between furniture wax and glaze.

Our RV Makeover Project

We have big plans for this RV makeover and are starting with an update to the kitchen and main living area. Check it out!

Selecting The Best Brush For Your Furniture Painting Project

Using the right tool for the job can make or break your project. With so many options of paintbrush types out there, How do you determine the best brush for your job?

Top 10 tips on Choosing Furniture Paint Colors

There are several factors that go into my color selections, so I thought I’d share my though processes when choosing furniture paint colors.

The Beginning Furniture Painter’s Supply List

My top ten furniture painting supplies for beginners! Some of my most essential Dixie Belle items and make it that much easier to get to work on your first project.

How to Refinish your Kitchen Cabinets

I get asked about painting kitchen cabinets all the time, but had yet to do a Dixie Belle kitchen cabinet makeover, so it was time to get one under my belt, and share the process along the way!

How To Decoupage with Tissue Paper using Clear Coat as Adhesive

I love to decoupage with all sorts of paper. With this technique, I will show you How to Decoupage Tissue Paper onto Furniture using Clear Coat!

How to Create a Faux Wood Finish with Dixie Belle Wood Graining Tool

Ever had a furniture top damaged beyond repair that left you in despair? Here’s your solution! Follow these steps to learn how to create a faux wood finish.

Top 10 Tips for Blending Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint

Achieving a smooth blend of paint colors on any painting project, large or small, can be tricky. Today, I am going to share My Top 10 Tips for Blending Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint, so you have a few tricks up your sleeve, that paired with some practice, will have you painting smooth blends in no time.

Fabulous French Cherry Blossom Buffet

I tend to be a theme decorator, take cues from the style of my piece and run with is all the way through. This french provincial style buffet gets a fabulous cherry blossom makeover and is a perfect example.

DIY Christmas Ornaments

I took some plain Dollar Store plastic ornaments and transformed them into custom Victorian inspired decorations. Learn how to create these DIY Christmas Ornaments here!

Radical Raised Stencil

The raised stencil look has been extremely popular for me. It takes an otherwise plain front furniture piece and adds a texture to it that you can’t help but touch. I love pieces that engage all of the senses. Learn how to apply this technique here!

Options for Creating Moulded Appliques

I’ve put together a 4 part series all about options for creating moulded appliques from different materials: hot glue, paper clay, modeling material, and resin. I am going to show an example of each, including a short video, and the pros and cons I find in each method.

How Long Does it take to Finish a Painted Furniture Piece??

I generally finish a piece over the course of a week, doing a step each day, working a few hours each day. Here is a detailed list of steps I take each day I work on a new furniture makeover!

If There’s a Drip in your Clear Coat…

If you have a drip in your clear coat, you are going to want to sand it out…
Learn how to Fix a Drip in your Top

Custom Holiday Table Decor

This year I’m making a custom, one of a kind table scape including natural textures, painted fabrics, and those hints of sparkle that can transition seamlessly from fall to winter holidays. Here is how it all came together!

My Top 20 Dixie Belle 3 Color Blends

I am often asked about my favorite paint colors that I have used to blend together on furniture. I have finally compiled a list of my Top 20 Dixie Belle Paint Company 3-color combos for blending!

Our Kitchen is Complete!

If you’ve been following me for a bit, you know that we recently built our own home. We designed our home with an architect and built it from the ground up, doing the finish work ourselves. INCLUDES a DIY Range Top Painting Tutorial

My Best Tips for using Dixie Belle Gator Hide

Here are my top tips for using Dixie Belle Gator Hide. Gator Hide is the most durable of the Dixie Belle clear coats, so using it is highly desirable, but can come with challenges. If you are struggling with Gator Hide, here are several ideas that can help achieve a flawless, streak free finish!

Plaid Gentleman’s Chest

This is one of my favorite tutorials! In this 4 part video series we will be creating this handsome Plaid Gentleman’s Chest with a paper application on the drawer fronts! * This post may contain affiliate links. If you purchase I could make a commission at no charge to you. Please read my disclosure and […]

Blue and Gold Side Table

I chose this piece for my first start to finish tutorial on Facebook live because if was a great size and shape for teaching on camera. We did this piece over the course of 4 weeks to create this romantic little side table. * This post may contain affiliate links. If you purchase I could […]

Grungy Green, Gray and Rusted

This Basset mule chest was rather unremarkable, but I picked it up for $15, solid wood, and in relatively good condition. I kept this in my inventory for some time, with no takers, so it became mine to play with. Materials List: 1. Dixie Belle White Lightning Cleaner 2. Dixie Belle paint in Spanish Moss […]

Purple Power Desk!

This desk was brought to me covered in an old white primer, it was a customers piece, but unremarkable for sure. I had done about 7 pieces for this customer, all in varying shades of purple. This piece would also take on a similar color scheme and become a purple power desk. Materials List: Dixie […]

My Staging Wall

My staging wall has gone through quite a progression, it tells the story of the growth of my business in photos and is kind of a fun story to share. When I first began painting furniture, staging wasn’t even on my radar. The first piece I ever sold, sold just like this, really? I mean, […]

If furniture could speak…

What would it say? Who would it be? Does furniture have a personality to you? If not, it is our job to give it one…with paint. Here are a few pieces that spoke to me. Those feet say protective gargoyle, watching over your space. This girl wanted a pink party dress 👜👚 1950’s, prim and […]

Why I Don’t paint Furniture backs

I see the question all the time “do you paint the backs of pieces”, here is my answer…No! Well, usually not anyways, and here are my top 3 reasons why: 1. Outta sight… Most backs are not seen. They will be up against a wall their entire life. Any paint on the back would be […]

Warm Wood Grain

The wood grain is what made this piece stand out to me and it is what makes it a showstopper as a finished piece. I’m so thankful to have gotten an order for it that includes keeping the grain as a feature rather than painting it. This warm wood grain two-toned piece will become a […]

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