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The NEW Decor Transfer Line

This transfer line is sentimental to me. I was honored to participate in seeing it come to fruition and excited to share them with you today!

NOOOO! Don’t Paint That!

We’ve all heard it “I can’t believe you painted that piece!”, aghast in horror at our willingness to cover such valuable treasures in a coat of paint. So how do I respond? Let’s take apart this argument piece by piece.

Top 5 Tips for Beginning Furniture Painters

When I first started painting furniture, teaching was scarce, techniques were considered very proprietary, and information took much digging. Her are my top 5 tips I wish I knew when I was just beginning furniture painting.

Painted pieces around MY house

We recently built our own home and moved into the shell to do the finish work ourselves. It is still VERY MUCH a work in progress. Here is a complication of our Dixie Belle projects around our home.

Our RV Makeover Project

We have big plans for this RV makeover and are starting with an update to the kitchen and main living area. Check it out!