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Painted pieces around MY house

We recently built our own home and moved into the shell to do the finish work ourselves. It is still VERY MUCH a work in progress. Here is a complication of our Dixie Belle projects around our home.

Our RV Makeover Project

We have big plans for this RV makeover and are starting with an update to the kitchen and main living area. Check it out!

My First Kitchen Cabinet Chalk Paint Makeover Brushed by Brandy before and after

How to Refinish your Kitchen Cabinets

I get asked about painting kitchen cabinets all the time, but had yet to do a Dixie Belle kitchen cabinet makeover, so it was time to get one under my belt, and share the process along the way!

Top 10 Tips for Blending Chalk Paint

Achieving a smooth blend of paint colors on any painting project, large or small, can be tricky. Today, I am going to share My Top 10 Tips for Blending Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint, so you have a few tricks up your sleeve, that paired with some practice, will have you painting smooth blends in no time.

Fabulous French Cherry Blossom Buffet Finished

Fabulous French Cherry Blossom Buffet

I tend to be a theme decorator, take cues from the style of my piece and run with is all the way through. This french provincial style buffet gets a fabulous cherry blossom makeover and is a perfect example.

DIY Christmas Ornaments Brushed by Brandy

DIY Christmas Ornaments

I took some plain Dollar Store plastic ornaments and transformed them into custom Victorian inspired decorations. Learn how to create these DIY Christmas Ornaments here!

Radical Raised Stencil

The raised stencil look has been extremely popular for me. It takes an otherwise plain front furniture piece and adds a texture to it that you can’t help but touch. I love pieces that engage all of the senses. Learn how to apply this technique here!