Blue and Gold side table

Materials list:

1. Dixie belle white lightning cleaner

2. Dixie belle paint in:

  • Yankee blue
  • Vintage duck egg
  • Lemonade

3. Dixie belle gator hide

4. Dixie belle best dang wax in black

order your dixie belle paint here

5. Redesign with prima decor wax in eternal

order eternal decor wax here

I chose this piece for my first start to finish tutorial on Facebook live because if was a great size and shape for teaching on camera. We did this piece over the course of 4 weeks to create this romantic little side table.

The first step was to clean well with dixie belle white lightning, then sand away any damaged areas, and remove rhe gardware for cleaning. This piece did not require priming, so we were able to move right into laying on a base coat.

step 1 video

Once our colors were laid on, i decided to throw a curve ball and talk about what happens when you aren’t happy with color choices and want to make a change? With dixie belle paint, color changes do not need to be a worry.

step 2 video

Now that our new color scheme is laid on, the second coat is where we perfect the blending and get our finish just right and set it with a coat of dixie belle gator hide. I then added black wax to bring out the carved details

step 3 video

The final step of this was finishing touches, this includes waxing our drawer glides, oiling the drawer boxes, adding gilding waxes, etc

The final look is a smoothly blended cinderella side table!

step 4 video



    • Yes, most of what i do is sold from my unfinished inventory and designed with the customer as custom orders. Occasionally i get pieces out for sale. Contact me if you are interested in a piece


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