Purple Power Desk!

Materials list

1. Dixie belle paint in:

  • Aubergine
  • Muscadine wine
  • Plum crazy
  • Midnight sky

2. Dixie belle white lightning cleaner

3. Dixie belle synthetic brush in mini

4. Dixie belle satin top coat

4. Dixie belle application sponge

Order your Dixie belle paint products here:


6. Redesign with prima “imperial garden” decor transfer


7. Redesign with prima silver gilding wax


8. Rustoleum spray primer in gray


This desk was brought to me covered in an old white primer, it was a customers piece, but unremarkable for sure. I had done @7 pieces for this customer, all in varying shades of purple, so immediately a commanding combination of plum crazy, muscadine wine and aubergine came to mind. I started by cleaning well with Dixie belle white lightning, priming with rustoleum spray primer and adding a base coat

Step 1 video:

step 1: cleaning, priming, base coat

One our color scheme was laid out, it was time to add a second coat, perfecting our blending and color lay out

Step 2 video:

step 2: blending 2nd coat

Step 3: apply imperial garden transfer and clear coat in dixie belle satin clear coat

The result is a grand and dramatic desk ready to be the home of many great decisions!



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