Grungy Green, Gray and Rusted

Grungy Green, Gray and Rusted

This Basset mule chest was rather unremarkable, but I picked it up for $15, solid wood, and in relatively good condition. I kept this in my inventory for some time, with no takers, so it became mine to play with.

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Materials List:

1. Dixie Belle White Lightning Cleaner

2. Dixie Belle paint in

  • Spanish Moss
  • Dried Sage
  • Sand Bar
  • Collard Greens
  • Midnight Sky

3. Dixie Belle Patina Paint in:

  • Iron
  • Bronze
  • Green and Blue Patina Spray

4. Dixie Belle Gator Hide

5. Dixie Belle Flat Clear Coat

6. Dixie Belle Best Dang Wax in Black

7. Dixie Belle Voo Doo Gel Stain in:

  • Tobacco Road
  • Black Magic

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All of those drawers spoke to me. I saw that it could look like an old, avocado green 1970’s, industrial and well worn filing cabinet.

With my inspiration in mind, I chose Dixie Belle paint in greens and grays to create my look. The top was in poor condition, full of scratches and pock marks, so rather than sanding them out, I chose to take it down to the bare wood with stripper and sanding.

It then got all body damage sanded out, a good cleaning with Dixie Belle White Lightning Cleaner, and all hardware removed.

That batwing hardware is NOT coming back!

Step 1. Stripping top, cleaning body, removing hardware.

Step 1 Video

With all of our prep work done, the body got a base coat of Dixie belle Spanish Moss. I then used natural bristle brushes to blend in Dried Sage, Collard Greens, Sand Bar, and Midnight Sky. A spray of 50/50 white vinegar and water caused the paint to drip and separate, in line with our grungy inspiration.

Step 2. Base coat, blending, and vinegar/water spray.

Step 2 Video

The final step was staining the top. I initially used a weather wash stain, but decided I wanted a darker look later so I streaked on Dixie Belle Voo Doo Gel Stain in Tobacco Road and Black Magic.

I used a mini bbq basting brush (yes, you read that right!) to apply Dixie Belle Patina Paint in Iron and Bronze at random. The blue and green sprays caused dripping and started the corrosion process.

2 coats of Dixie Belle Gator Hide for durability and 2 coats of Flat Clear Coat for a smooth, dull finish gave me the look I was after.

I added Black Wax for shading and tiny hints of Finnabair Patina Paste in a bright turquoise as an accent.

Step 3. Staining top, Patina Paint, clear coat.

Step 3 Video

Brandy K.

Bio:I wanted to take a chance to introduce myself, I am Brandy Kollenborn, a furniture painter from Sacramento, CA and owner and artisan behind  “Brushed By Brandy”. I'm a stay at home mom of 3 boys, Noah 11, Ashton 8, and Logan 5, married for 16 years to my favorite furniture cameraman, repairman and delivery person, Sean. I have a degree in finance and left my career with The State of CA to stay home when my youngest son was born, with no clue what my next step would be, it was a leap of faith!The first pieces I did were a bedroom set in 2016 that tenants left behind in our rental, it was beat up, but solid wood, and I had nothing to lose, it was either going to the curb or I could make something of it. I've always been on the crafty/artistic side so this was a great way to express that on huge canvases. My hobby has turned into a booming little business, most of my pieces are sold before I create them and designed alongside my customer. My style is blended, smooth, colorful statement pieces for any room.I'm proud to partner with The Dixie Belle Paint company and Prima Marketing group creating sample pieces, lives, and blogging tutorials at We are in the process of building our forever home on 5 acres for our boys, it will be my biggest custom project to date :) and I love sharing that journey on my page and in a blog as well. We are project people through and through, don't know how to sit still.I'm so appreciative of the support, my confidence wavers all the time, I love answering questions and connecting with other creatives, this community has been so welcoming to me and I hope I can return that! I’m so grateful for this opportunity, I never imagined there would be interest in me painting furniture in my garage!

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  1. trishden

    Hi Brandy, I’m going to attempt to recreate this look on an old wood veneered file cabinet. I love how your preice came out! I watched your videos and have read these directions and I’m not sure if you added the black wax to the painted body of the piece or the stained top and I wanted to make sure that goes on after the 2 coats of Gator Hide and 2 coats clear finish. Same with your turquoise accents, do they go on after all finishing? Thanks for your reply. 🙂

    1. Brandy K.

      The black wax and turquoise accents were both on the body after i had sealed the paint

  2. Susan Batson

    Hello Brandy,
    Love this piece! Two questions….Did you put the Clear Flat coat under the gator hide or on top? Also, the Weathered Wood product that you originally used on the top…what is the name of the products/where can I purchase it? Love everything you do…so inspiring!

    1. Brandy K.

      The weathered wood accelerator is by varathane. The gator hide was on top and flat clear on the body

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