Warm Wood Grain

The wood grain is what made this piece stand out to me and it is what makes it a showstopper as a finished piece. I’m so thankful to have gotten an order for it that includes keeping the grain as a feature rather than painting it. This piece will become a bathroom vanity in a new bath remodel.

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Material List:

1. Strip and sand any portions that will remain wood. Sand with 80, 120, then 220 grit sandpaper. Apply 2 coats of Weathered Wood Accelerator.

Add Dixie Belle Voo Doo Gel Stain for a more dramatic look, seal with Dixie Belle Gator Hide

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2. Apply a base coat of Dixie Belle paint in Driftwood, let dry overnight.

Apply a second coat of Driftwood, using a spray mister to keep your paint wet, blend in Chocolate and Gravel Road for shading with your Dixie Belle Paint Brush in oval medium size.

Apply a coat of Dixie Belle Gator Hide

You can watch me blend this paint in my video!

3. Using your Redesign with Prima Decor Mould, pour in a 1:1 mix of Amazing Resin and let dry. Attach the caste to your piece using E6000 adhesive.

Update vintage hardware using Redesign with Prima Gilding Waxes

4. Using Dixie Belle Best Dang Wax in Brown and Black use a small brush to shade areas and emphasize details.

Add final coat of Dixie Belle Gator Hide

Watch as I add finishing details with Wax

One of my favorite staging techniques is using dramatic artwork to set the feel of a piece, and this canvas definitely does just that! With some towels and a wash pitcher of flowers, this one is bathroom ready!

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