Relaxing Rocker

This rocking chair was a gift to a friend, and on her wedding no less! It was in flawless condition when I got it, no pressure right?? Friends never get a good deal, they wait the absolute longest for their projects, I feel guilty everytime. If I need to bump my calendar, friends pieces get delayed first, and again, and again.

Materials list:

Dixie belle slick stick

Dixie belle paint in buttercream, lemonade, farmhouse green, mint julep, sea glass, Savannah mist, stormy seas

Dixie belle gator hide

Order your Dixie belle paint here:

The finish on this chair was fairly glossy, so I started with a base of Dixie belle slick stick, a gripping primer. I know this stuff works, because if you dont clean your lid afterwards, that container WILL NOT budge. Even my husband mangles it a bit to get open. The usual bang on the garage floor doesn’t work, definitely a GRIPPING primer!

I did my first coat on video. The first coat is always just laying colors on, somewhat blended, but not perfectly, just a base coat.

rocking chair video

In this case I looked at the base afterwards and decided to change it a bit. I wanted to tone the colors down, particularly the green, so it had a more serene feel, like a reading in the sunlight through the window or rocking a baby to sleep kinda chair

Removing the limeade, going heavier on the buttercream, and using the new farmhouse green was the answer. I also cleaned up the transitions

Starting from the top I used buttercream, fading into lemonade, then farmhouse green into mint julep, sea glass into Savannah mist and a touch or stormy seas on the feet

Finished off with a few coats of gator hide applied with an application sponge, adds durability, those spindles are a bear to paint and top coat, but look pretty darn good!


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