Weathered Wood Dining Set

Do you guys get that high when you complete a piece and stage it for photos?? That’s where I am right now! I picked up this incredible dining set off Facebook marketplace. It caught my eye because of the pedestal base and the interesting chairs, it was a heck of a deal too! Ignore the fruit on the top…yes, hand painted fruit 🍊🍎🍋

I don’t do many dining sets, my workspace just doesn’t accomadate them. A dining set must be fully assembled to redo a table top. I work in half of my two car garage, so you can imagine, things like dining tables and huge hutches are just impossible.

I needed this one to stage a home for sale, so I snagged it. At first sight, my mind ran to that one Pinterest pic we all have saved. You know the one, the Restoration Hardware look with the same pedestal base? That was my finish inspiration!

Materials list:

1. Dixie Belle white lightening cleaner

2. Dixie Belle drop cloth

3. Dixie Belle gravel road

4. Dixie Belle hurricane gray

5. Dixie Belle Caviar

6. Dixie Belle gator hide top coat

Order your Dixie belle products here:

Dixie Belle Order link

The set was in really good condition, really no damage to fix. I started by removing the chair cushions and cleaning well with Dixie Belle white lightening. The first step in this finish was a clean coat of Dixie belle drop cloth. I did 2 coats for even coverage and to get rid of that fruit. 🍊🍇🍓

I let each coat dry overnight. The next step is a thin streaky coat of Dixie Belle gravel road. Gravel road is interesting because in the container it is a deep gray with a slight brown undertone, but when thinned, you can really see the brown in it. I accomplished this by misting my surface with water and brushing on a thin layer. To get more streaking, so the white would peek through, I came back with a dry paint brush and brushed through it again.

I liked this as a start, but it needed more. Layers, Layers! Once this dried, I put a clear coat over it just to preserve this base as I added more colors. After the clear coat had dried, my next step was a wash of Dixie belle hurricane gray. I did the wash by misting my surface with water and putting on a thin layer of the gray, then wiping it back to preserve the streaky look. This toned down the brown and added a nice gray tone.

By the time I got done with the wash on the table and all chairs, my first piece was just about dry. I grabbed a wide and course wallpaper brush and started dry brushing in streaks of caviar. I like the coarse brush because it gives texture to the dry brushing. I did all pieces with streaks of caviar, then came back and dd the same thing with drop cloth to do add streaks of white.

The thought behind the layering of colors is that weathered wood would have unevenness and variation in color, maybe traces of old paint in spots.

The seats were covered in a hideous red and olive striped fabric, it had to go. I stripped them down and found beautiful woven seat bases underneath. This set is incredibly well constructed. I had a vision in my head for what the fabric should look like. I found this Waverly upholstery fabric at Joanns and loved that it tied in the grays and beiges with a nice botanical print and even hints of metallic. I covered all chairs using a staple gun, clean folded edges, and even a base to hide the seat construction, no detail left undone.

In the end, I think I out RH’d, Restoration Hardware! The whole process took about a week, working on it for a few hours each day. This set is solid wood, really nice quality, and has a modern, neutral finish. What do you think?



  1. Brandy, this is beautiful! Thank you for the step-by-step process. As someone fairly new to painting furniture, it’s nice to know when to use the clear coat before proceeding with additional colors. Bravo, you did it again!

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    • Awesome! So glad it was helpful! Yes, I clear coated because the next step was a was involving water and wiping and I didn’t want it to disturb the base underneath like wet distressing would


  2. Thank you so much for sharing! I am new to this and working on our bedroom furniture. Can’t see replacing it, but so ready for a “new” look!


  3. As ALWAYS!, definitely a showstopper!!! So appreciate the specific details you share with us as to how to achieve the look of all your BEYOND GORGEOUS pieces!
    Thank you!! We L O V E you ❤️

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  4. Stunning, I thought it had metallic accents when I first saw it! What a transformation! Very original, thank you for showing us the step by step instructions.

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  5. Did you use the Slick Stick on this? It appeared to have a shiny finish on the table and chairs when you got it. I have a kitchen table and chairs that I am thinking about painting and it has a shiny finish. Also the chairs are spindle back. Any advise for those?


  6. Your color blending skills are just incredible. This dining proves it beyond any doubt. I have a small quibble with selected fabric because is seems to draw ones’s eye away from your work. The fabric seems a little too warm for your finish.
    Despite my thought, I turn to your YouTube presentation when I want to learn a new skill.

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  7. Brandy, I just found you on youtube and I feel like I found a new friend!
    Thanks for the clear way you teach and share.
    I am brand new to paintng but just did my 2 bar stools so good for me…they are OK but boring in some ways so I am watching tutorials and love your blending!
    Anyway I just wanted to say Thanks. 🙂


  8. I remember when this right here was what inspired me to try to do a driftwood/weathered type finish on my coffee table. Actually everything you do inspires me. You’re amazing. A true artist. I wish I had your eye and your skills lol. Dixie Belle products are so great and they are fortunate to have you as a brand ambassador!


  9. Gorgeous unique piece. Your technique is spot on. I am working hard at perfecting the weathered look and your tutorial is awesome. I love the lighter color on top. I will have to find your utube. Thanks. Jeanette

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